Wednesday 28 June 2017

Daily Nawaiwaqt 28 Jun 2017 Today Newspaper in Urdu

Nawaiwaqt is a daily Urdu newspaper, which was launched before the birth of Pakistan on March 23, 1940 under the supervision of Hameed Nizami and Shabbar Hasan. For the Pakistani media this newspaper has special position possessing anti-American and Anti-Indian views. It always describes India as cunning and internal enemy. Before the birth of Pakistan, Nawa-i-waqt supported All India Muslim League because during that time it had anticommunist and pro- American stance. Initially this newspaper was used to be published after two weeks but later it was turned to weekly and then daily newspaper on July 19, 1944. Till date it is considered to be one of the top four influential newspapers in Pakistan and also has a strong hold on the media as well.

In Nawa e Waqt you can read daily national and international news targeting current affairs, sports, politics, business and many other things. There is also one portion specified for show biz news where you can read interesting stories and updates related to your favorite stars and their upcoming films. In this newspaper there is a separate portion for articles and columns where you will find Pakistan’s most known and popular columnists enlightening various issues and their views on the current affairs. The columnist in the team of Nawaewaqt newspaper includes Lt. Gen. Abdul Qayyum (ret), Taiba Zia Cheema, Saeed Aasi, Ajmal Niazi, Fazal Hussain Awan, Nazeer Ahmad Ghazi, Bushra Rehman, Dr Akhtar Shumaar, Qayyum Nizami, Dr. Hussain Ahmad Piracha,, Khalid Ahmad, Rauf, Tahir, Jawaid Siddiq, Muhammad Izharul Haq and Zahoor Ahmad Azhar.

Majid Nizami, younger brother of Hameed Nizami is current owner and editor of Daily Nawaiwaqt Newspaper. His aim is to spread information and to aware people from the current issues. The headquarter of the newspaper is in Lahore but now has been successfully publishing the newspaper in multiple cities including Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Muzafarabad, Quetta, Multan and Bahawalpur.

Click on the Daily Nawaiwaqt to view online daily nawaiwaqt epaper of 28-06-2017. While Click Waqt News to Watch Waqt TV News Live Streaming Online.

Nawaiwaqt Magazines
Nawaewaqt magazines is also a remarkable achievement which adds a lot in the services that they have been providing to the people. Daily Nawa e waqt has an honor of publishing 3 different magazines simultaneously.
Phool Magazine (monthly)
Family Magazine (weekly)
Nida-i-Millat (weekly)
These magazines are greatly appreciated and applauded by the people. People of all age regardless of the gender get entertained by these piece of literature.

Another remarkable achievement is making the availability of an online version of this newspaper known as e Nawaiwaqt ePaper and available at The Nawaewaqt e paper is an exact copy of the printed newspaper with much easier access. This online format has been greatly appreciated by the people as it saves them from the laboring and does not burdens the pocket. It has also increased the number of newspaper readers. People from all over the world visit the link and read it online version for latest news updates, feeds and blogs.

Nawaiwaqt Jobs Today is a special section of the newspaper dedicated for job advertisements only. This portion has become very popular among the job seekers. As ton of jobs are advertised in it on daily basis. As a sum Roznama Nawaiwaqt is a reliable Urdu newspaper with hundred percent authentic and genuine news, providing a service and bringing awareness among the people.

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